UK Pension Deficit
What happens If my UK pension scheme has a deficit

On July 3rd, PwC announced that the UK Pension Deficit is currently at an astonishing £460bn, meaning that the potential liabilities of the schemes are greater than the assets. The deficit has been brought about by increasing life expectancy, underfunding by companies, and a fall in equities and bond yields. Due to this deficit, companies…

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Lifestyle Sacrifices If You Want Early Retirement

Lifestyle Sacrifices If You Want Early Retirement If you want to take early retirement but can’t afford to, it’s probably because you only have yourself to blame. Early retirement for Expats in UAE, UK and Australia is an achievable goal for many but it doesn’t come without some lifestyle sacrifices. That means you literally can’t…

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How to transfer your UK pension to Australia (Updated 2017)

After tight regulations in 2015, UK pensioners aged 55 years and above can now transfer their pensions to Australia once again. These new schemes are referred to as 55 plus due to their age qualification. In 2015, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) declared all Qualifying Registered Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) in Australia non compliant…

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May 21, 2017 Retirement Planning
Retirement Options for UAE Workforce

  UAE residents are said to delay saving for their retirement longer than other world population. The same is also true for expatriates working in the UAE. While this may be due to a number of reasons, GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries have implemented state pension schemes for their citizen employees. Pension law Under the…

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Retired Person Dubai
Why Saving Is Important For Expats In Dubai

Dubai is a fabulous desert playground for expats tempted to spend their tax-free salaries on a playboy lifestyle rather than save for retirement. Spending rather than saving is a trap many expats lay for themselves. Rather than think about tomorrow, the shopping malls, entertainment and outdoor, sporty lifestyle can suck away money. Although expats earn…

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March 22, 2017 Pensions
A guide to the pension system in the United Kingdom

  The UK system was first laid down in the years following the Second World War with a state pension paying a guaranteed retirement income to replace the income of workers who gave up their jobs at the age of 65. Over the intervening years, successive governments have tinkered with the pensions system leaving the…

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