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If you are an expat living outside the UK then it is extremely crucial for you to understand the best options you have for a fulfilling and financially stable retirement years.

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Pensions are complicated, and they can often be very confusing and complex. Our advisers are here to help you understand your situation and to make sure you get the best deal out of your pension. 


"I emigrated to Australia over 5 years ago and Edward has been managing my UK pension fund for the last few years. Lots of expats leave the UK and let their pensions stagnate and Edward has made sure this didnt happen with me. By switching the fund type, the annual growth of my UK pension has more than doubled from what it was achieving in the UK! 

He wasn't the slightest bit pushy (as some of the pension companies I've had hounding me!) and didn't chase my business. Instead, he advised me on the right options for getting the best performance from my UK pension.

His results speak for themselves and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to future potential clients." Carl Davey, Australia

" Mark has been handling some of my investments for about a year now and I've found him to be very reliable and professional. His advice and actions have helped me to quickly recover some losses made by a previous adviser. I would recommend his services to anyone. " Jeff Cummings

"I've worked with Chris for around a year now and am very happy with his friendly, honest advice. I came to Chris with a portfolio of investments which were not performing. He quickly consolidated these into a simple platform which is now growing in value. Our regular sit downs ensure that I have an overview of whats going on. For the first time I actually feel like my investments are in the hands of someone who actually wants to make those funds grow, rather than extract the maximum commissions and sell me whatever earns them the most. " Greg, Dubai

More Details on UK Pension Transfers

UK pensions are built up over a career and may not be structured ideally for their owners. There are many factors that can come into account when looking to change your pension arrangements. At Credence international we are fully equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to help you decide if transferring your pensions will be a beneficial exercise and which are the best options for you. We have fully qualified advisory staff with independent access to many pension trustees and providers. Coupled with a market leading Investment proposition. We can make your pensions right for you.

Benefits of transferring pensions can include:

  • Better tax position
  • Passing of full benefits to the spouse or next generation
  • Elimination of Lifetime allowance calculations
  • More Investment choice and personlisation
  • More flexible drawdown of benefits suited to individual requirements


Self Invested Personal Pension Scheme’s can be tailored to the owner’s requirements, with more allowable underlying investment options and greater flexibility than a standard UK personal pension. SIPPS can be good idea if you have several pensions and would like to consolidate them into one more efficient portfolio or invest in a more tailor made portfolio. We use a variety of SIPP’s providers depending on our clients needs and have a variety of underlying investment solutions. Enquire on this page to receive a free guide to pensions and further information on SIPP’s.


A QROPS is a HMRC recognised pension scheme that meets the same requirements as a UK pension. There are various jurisdictions that a pension holder can use to domicile their pension and they then adopt this countries pension laws and use this countries tax treaties. With the ever-changing employment market and international movement of employees, QROPS can be an ideal solution for people who decide they will not return to the UK.

Benefits can include:

  • More Investment choice
  • Lower income tax rates
  • Lower death tax charges
  • Elimination of future Lifetime allowance calculations

Pensions are highly complicated, allow us to demonstrate our knowledge and enable us to maximise your wealth.

We will make sure you get the best deal from your UK pension, We Promise!

Bank of England Cheif Economist, Haldane said: “To give a personal example, I consider myself moderately financially literate. Yet I confess to not being able to make the remotest sense of pensions. Conversations with countless experts and independent financial advisers have confirmed for me only one thing – that they have no clue either. That is a desperately poor basis for sound financial planning.