January 3, 2017 Pensions
A guide to the pension system in the United Kingdom

  Pensions are simple – you save a little money when you are working to pay the bills and to provide some luxuries when you are older and have less income. A pension comes in a few different types. Some are offered by employers and others are self-managed. A personal or workplace pension is in…

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December 26, 2016 Pensions
SIPP pension scheme for UK expats in Dubai

  Deciding the best way to save for retirement as an expat is not always easy – especially if you may want to return to live in the UK at some time. One of the problems is deciding whether you are a temporary or permanent expat. The definition is of crucial importance as temporary expats…

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December 21, 2016 Pensionsexpats
5 Biggest Retirement Planning Mistakes of UK Expats

  Understanding expat finances rather than leaving them to chance can make a big difference in retirement. With the excitement of starting a new life in an exotic country, the temptation is to act like a tourist for the first few months abroad – and to spend like one as well. After the honeymoon, when…

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December 19, 2016 Pensionsexpats
Private pension scheme for UK expats in Dubai

  Unrealistic expectations of a champagne lifestyle in the desert paradise of Dubai and a failure to save enough money to fund a golden retirement are financial obstacles many expats build for themselves. Although they are in control of their earning power and spending while working, many get caught up in a lavish expat lifestyle…

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December 7, 2016 Pensions
Successful retirement plan

  Funding a comfortable retirement is all about understanding your options and making the right financial choices. Pensions and investments are complicated and you may need to take professional advice about the best way forward. Don’t make rash decisions and give yourself some time to make any changes – preferably start planning at least two…

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November 30, 2016 Pensionsexpats
SIPP Pensions for UK Expats in Australia

  Figuring out your finances as an expat is one of the most complicated parts of making a move to Australia. Not only do you have to worry about finding a home and a job, but you have a pile of more mundane tasks to sort out, such as healthcare and schools for the kids….

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