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Trends to Watch in Global Wealth Ma...


In 2018, just like it has been in the past years, changes and trends in wealth management will be inevitable. Amongst the trends that wealth managers should prepare themselves for includes changes in regulations, intergenerational changes in property ownership and innovation. Then, there is the impending issue of Common Reporting Standards (CRS) and Markets in … Continue reading Trends to Watch in Global Wealth Management in 2018

Are You Fully Aware of the Tax Impl...


Back in 2015, the government introduced the pension freedoms act. Research by Old Mutual has shown that in the first two months, a staggering £72.8m in tax was generated due to these freedoms. This is equivalent to an annual tax boost of nearly half a billion pounds, significantly higher than expected. It was originally feared … Continue reading Are You Fully Aware of the Tax Implications on Your UK Pension?