September 24, 2017 PensionsRetirement Planning
6 Surprising Facts About Retirement

A lot of people are uncertain about their future, with many leaving retirement planning too late. Here are a few facts about it that you may not have known. More People Than You Think Have Little Saved One in seven people retiring this year have no workplace or personal pension. Relying solely on the new…

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September 13, 2017 PensionsRetirement Planning
British/UK Pension in Australia New Rules – Updated for 2017

Australia is a popular retirement destination for British expats due its warm climate and quality of life. Cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offer an excellent standard of living, and therefore it is no surprise that many Brits choose to move there every year. If you are considering retiring to Australia from the UK…

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corporate exit strategy
Planning your exit strategy

  A CEO and founder of a successful business must see that business in a similar light to one of their own children. After pouring in their own blood, sweat and tears, that business must be just as close to their heart as their own flesh and blood. So, surely that founder would never want…

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September 4, 2017 Financial Planning
The Benefits of a Professional Cash Flow Plan

Describing a Cash Flow Plan as complex would be an understatement. The plan requires sufficient up-to-date knowledge and rigorous detail, so that it can: Raise awareness of tax issues that are likely to arise on death Develop an investment strategy in accordance with risk/reward, flexibility and accessibility with which you are comfortable Minimise tax liabilities…

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September 4, 2017 Financial PlanningInvestment
10 Things That Successful Investors Do

 Wealth management can seem confusing and complicated at times. In a world of volatile investment markets and continually changing legislation, many investors simply don’t know where to start. However, wealth management doesn’t need to be overly complex, and by keeping things simple, it’s possible to enjoy excellent long-term returns on your capital. With that in…

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