UAE expats’ retirement funding time bomb – work harder and for longer (The National)


UAE Residents say they do not believe their end of service gratuity will meet the needs of their retirement. That is according to a new poll from the insurer Zurich International Life. Of the 1,000 surveyed, 83 per cent said the bonus they receive, when they end employment with a company here, is inadequate to fund their pensionable years.

So what is the solution for those not wise enough to put an extra portion of their income aside for the golden years? Well, according to Chris Ferguson, director of Credence International, based in Dubai, (to continue reading, click here)

Chris Ferguson

About Chris Ferguson

Chris formed Credence to bring credible financial advice to the offshore marketplace. Chris has been in financial services throughout his whole career, with experience in the GCC, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Chris entered the financial services sector to enable as many people as possible benefit from freedom and choice in life by making good decisions rather than experiencing stress and anxiety over money.