Graeme Field



Graeme has spent over 25 years in the Banking and Finance Sector covering a variety of roles including Corporate Manager with Lloyds Bank, Corporate Financial Planning Manager with Barclays, Independent Financial Adviser with HSBC for 9 years before taking over the team as Area Manager in 2010.

His career brought him to UAE in 2013 as a Senior Manager with HSBC before joining Credence.

Graeme holds the coveted Chartered Financial Planner status, the highest level of qualification in the UK and one which puts him in an ideal place to provide advice on more complex financial planning arrangements and corporate solutions.

As our Head of Corporate Services, Graeme predominantly looks after the financial needs of SMEs in UAE, such as gratuity liability management, group savings and medical schemes, together with the potentially more complex personal needs of executives and upper management.

Married with 2 grown up sons, Graeme enjoys all sport including golf as well as far eastern holidays.
Graeme Whittaker Field
Head of Corporate Services