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If you are an expat living outside the UK then it is extremely crucial for you to understand the best options you have for a fulfilling and financially stable retirement years.

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✓ Non-UK citizen who has deposited in any UK pension

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Pensions are complicated, and they can often be very confusing and complex. Our advisers are here to help you understand your situation and to make sure you get the best deal out of your pension. 


John Doe UI/UX Designer

I emigrated to Australia over 5 years ago and Edward has been managing my UK pension fund for the last few years. Lots of expats leave the UK and let their pensions stagnate and Edward has made sure this didnt happen with me. By switching the fund type, the annual growth of my UK pension has more than doubled from what it was achieving in the UK! 

He wasn't the slightest bit pushy (as some of the pension companies I've had hounding me!) and didn't chase my business. Instead, he advised me on the right options for getting the best performance from my UK pension.

His results speak for themselves and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to future potential clients. Carl Davey, Australia

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I've worked with Chris for around a year now and am very happy with his friendly, honest advice. I came to Chris with a portfolio of investments which were not performing. He quickly consolidated these into a simple platform which is now growing in value. Our regular sit downs ensure that I have an overview of whats going on. For the first time I actually feel like my investments are in the hands of someone who actually wants to make those funds grow, rather than extract the maximum commissions and sell me whatever earns them the most. Greg, Dubai

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Mark has been handling some of my investments for about a year now and I've found him to be very reliable and professional. His advice and actions have helped me to quickly recover some losses made by a previous adviser. I would recommend his services to anyone. Jeff Cummings

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