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Chris formed Credence to bring credible financial advice to the offshore marketplace. Chris has been in financial services throughout his whole career, with experience in the GCC, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Chris entered the financial services sector to enable as many people as possible benefit from freedom and choice in life by making good decisions rather than experiencing stress and anxiety over money.

Quarterly Market Overview

market overview

The start of 2016 began in sobering fashion, with a broad sell off in risk assets accompanied by very pessimistic market assessments from various commentators. Heavy January declines were driven by falling oil prices, China’s worsening economic situation and its effect on global industrial commodity markets, and concerns over the backdrop of rising US interest … Continue reading Quarterly Market Overview

How To Save Money By Combining Pens...


  Savers are confused over the benefits of pension consolidation and how putting their pots under one roof can save them money and boost their retirement incomes. Despite the advantages of putting several pensions together as one fund, millions of savers have never investigated if combining their pots could give them more money. Research by … Continue reading How To Save Money By Combining Pensions