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Chris formed Credence to bring credible financial advice to the offshore marketplace. Chris has been in financial services throughout his whole career, with experience in the GCC, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Chris entered the financial services sector to enable as many people as possible benefit from freedom and choice in life by making good decisions rather than experiencing stress and anxiety over money.

Three Tips For Investing In Uncerta...


  Investing in uncertain markets is a leap into the unknown, but a leading fund manager has three tips that can make the landing less bumpy. Yo-yo financial markets are a headache for the most experienced fund managers. Fidelity International’s Maike Currie looks at why markets are so volatile and offers some calming words for … Continue reading Three Tips For Investing In Uncertain Markets

British Expats Head East For Work A...


  The number of British expats heading east for a new life is booming, according to a new survey. Singapore is the destination of choice for most expats who have lived overseas for at least three years, says the NatWest International Banking annual quality of life index. Last year’s top destinations – Australia and Canada … Continue reading British Expats Head East For Work And Cash

Five Tips On Diversification From A...


The key to a balanced investment portfolio during financial market volatility is diversifying assets, according to a new report. Most investors are rightly concerned about the swathes of red on stock market tickers wiping the value off their investments. But there’s no need to worry if investors have worked hard on their asset allocation to … Continue reading Five Tips On Diversification From A Fund Manager

Weekly Market Update

market update

Notable events over the last week In another week categorised by considerable market volatility, the European Central Bank chief, Mario Draghi provided some reassurance to financial markets by hinting at the possibility of further monetary stimulus at its March meeting. Draghi suggested that the downside risks have increased amid emerging market uncertainty while euro-area inflation … Continue reading Weekly Market Update

Treasury reveals how new stamp duty...


  Property people have a short and sharp four week window to make their views known to the government about a new stamp duty surcharge on homes for investment. Chancellor George Osborne announced the 3% stamp duty charge in his Autumn Statement 2015. The consultation fleshes out the sparse detail of his proposal to raise … Continue reading Treasury reveals how new stamp duty rules will work