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Chris formed Credence to bring credible financial advice to the offshore marketplace. Chris has been in financial services throughout his whole career, with experience in the GCC, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Chris entered the financial services sector to enable as many people as possible benefit from freedom and choice in life by making good decisions rather than experiencing stress and anxiety over money.

Gratuity Liability Management


  Calling all CEOs, CFOs and Business Leaders – How can you manage the business risk associated with your Gratuity Liability? Insights As businesses become more aware of the costs and risks involved in running a business, and with likely legislation calling for mandatory funding for Gratuity Liability, Graeme Field, Head of Corporate Services with … Continue reading Gratuity Liability Management

Facts: Why you need a pension advis...


  Your finances are likely to change as your life progresses, so you will probably need different products to tackle saving for retirement as you get older and your circumstances alter. Pension advice for someone just starting a career is very different than that for workers approaching retirement looking to boost their savings. New rules … Continue reading Facts: Why you need a pension adviser