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Quarterly Market Overview

market overview

The start of 2016 began in sobering fashion, with a broad sell off in risk assets accompanied by very pessimistic market assessments from various commentators. Heavy January declines were driven by falling oil prices, China’s worsening economic situation and its effect on global industrial commodity markets, and concerns over the backdrop of rising US interest … Continue reading Quarterly Market Overview

How To Save Money By Combining Pens...


  Savers are confused over the benefits of pension consolidation and how putting their pots under one roof can save them money and boost their retirement incomes. Despite the advantages of putting several pensions together as one fund, millions of savers have never investigated if combining their pots could give them more money. Research by … Continue reading How To Save Money By Combining Pensions

What To Do If You Inherit A Windfal...


  Thousands of over 50s inherit shares but four out of 10 don’t know what to do with them. Around 250,000 over 50s have stocks and shares inheritances they did not know about worth an average £3,500. Most of the share papers and certificates are discovered when families are going through the homes of deceased … Continue reading What To Do If You Inherit A Windfall Of Shares